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We provide tuition for students grades K - 12. It is our mission to see that every student receives an education. We hope to change lives one student at a time.


30% of Haiti lives in extreme poverty and is considered food insecure. We don’t want a lack of food to be the reason our students can’t learn or stay in school. We work to ensure our students are clothed and fed by supplying uniforms and at least one meal to all students.


Without the infrastructure to support a public education system, parents work hard making ends meet to provide their children an education. If their tuition and books can be paid for, that leaves monies for the family to spend on housing and food.


Finding qualified personnel for our children is key to a successful education. We work hard to find our students the very best teachers. Teaching salaries in Haiti range but the average rate is $3 per day / $15 per week.


"We want our students to stay in school through their twelfth grade. This is not always possible depending on the families financial situation."

Gary Hubert

Director, School of Success

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