Your donation to The Ekolaj Project will be used for the purpose it was promoted in accordance with laws governed by the State of Texas.  The Ekolaj Project is a duly registered d/b/a of K12 Canaan, a Texas Non-Profit Corporation with Federal 501 (c) (3) status.  Your lawyer or accountant can provide you detailed information as to the amounts and types of tax deductions a charity such as The Ekolaj Project will afford you. We will provide you a deduction receipt inclusive of all required details of your donation for tax purposes.


All donations made to Ekolaj are in fact recurring donations, made either annually, bi-annually (semester) or monthly to cover a students costs for a full school year. Unless you are to un-enroll from the recurring payments, it is our policy to assume you wish to sponsor your student for the next school year.


Monthly, an enrollment sheet is sent to a school official for them to verify enrollment of the sponsored student. Upon written verification of enrollment of that student, a one month portion of monies collected on behalf of that student are disbursed electronically to the school, to be used to offset costs of the operation of that school, at the school managements sole discretion.  That students “scholarship balance” is deducted by the amount disbursed. As long as there is a scholarship balance and that student is enrolled, monies will be disbursed monthly to the school on your behalf, in the name of that student, not to exceed the declared monthly schooling cost at the time you made your donation.


A sponsored student will be identified in site searches with the Ekolaj Palm Icon and so long as their scholarship balance remains a positive amount, not be available for sponsorship to another donor.  We will allow a 45 day period after notifying you before releasing your student for other sponsorship. We encourage you to keep up with sponsoring the same student for as long as you feel led to do so.


In the event your student becomes un-enrolled or we cannot to our satisfaction verify enrollment, we will transfer any unused portion of the scholarship balance for the student you sponsored to another student, preferably of similar age and like gender. We will notify you by email if such an event takes place at which time you could elect to cancel your recurring future donation. If you do not cancel your recurring donation commitment, we will proceed with the understanding that you are now sponsoring the new student we chose on your behalf. You could of course, choose another student on your own from our site and begin sponsorship of a new student.


Ekolaj will use any provided one time non-student related donation at it’s sole discretion. Permissible uses include it dividing the money up into it’s chosen students’ scholarship accounts, offsetting or paying for direct costs related to administering the business of Ekolaj, or any other legal and permissible use that Ekolaj, in it’s operation may deem appropriate. If you have a particular wish for your funds to be used in a particular way, you may designate that in writing to us and we will either substantially honor your request or return your money to you.


It is our desire, to over time, innovate new and rewarding ways to interface you and your student.  By sponsoring a student, you in no way gain any special “rights” to visit your student that is not allowed by the school officials and/or the students guardian.  We cannot be responsible and do not encourage direct student contact, as most are minors.

During the progression of its operations, you should expect that Ekolaj will develop new and innovative ways for you to gain satisfaction and reward for your caring to sponsor a student in their education.


Ekolaj in good faith will attempt to carry out it’s mission and abide by it’s policies. In the event that you are dissatisfied with your involvement with Ekolaj, for any reason whatsoever, it is our sincere wish to resolve it with you amicably.  But please keep this in mind.  Ekolaj in no way will be responsible for consequential damages, and does not offer refunds on donated monies. Your sole remedy if you are dissatisfied with Ekolaj is to cancel your donation subscription.